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“We were delighted to have Helen Boyd on our Austin College campus. Her sessions on transgendered identities were filled with insight. Her judicious, thought-provoking, and often times moving assessments of gender at the intersection of culture were punctuated with sharp observations on social and gender inequities. I believe I’ve thought a lot about gender—but Helen opened my eyes to a new set of questions and experiences, and this through her patient articulation and narrative embodiment of a theoretically sophisticated yet highly accessible approach to transgender issues. In fact, while trans-identities was the central topic of discussion, her broadly conceived presentation opened up a whole complex related to sex, sexual orientation, and gender performance, all prismed through her personal experiences with Betty. Helen’s passion for and commitment to social justice left an indelible mark on our students and faculty. Her pastoral sensibilities, disarming manner, and sensitivity to the human condition ensured that she would not soon be forgotten. Meeting Helen and Betty felt like an encounter with grace–we will most definitely try to have them back in Texas again.”
– Todd Penner; Chair, Religious Studies Department; Director, Gender Studies Program; Austin College (Sherman, TX)

“Alternating an engaging sense of humor with a poignant, serious account of how society limits people’s lives, Helen Boyd redefined gender in ways that caused us to rethink traditional perceptions. Her spirited presentation offered an unprecedented opportunity to learn about and consider transgender and gender issues in a political context. A captivating speaker, she challenged us to ‘speak up,’ saying ‘there is much to do’ to confront ‘biases and prejudices.’ Helen’s passionate, instructive, entertaining program offered a powerful message that differences are to be embraced as a normal part of human variation. We were enlightened and moved by her personal experiences and insights about people who are so often misunderstood. We all came away from this program with a broader perspective of human and civil rights.”
– Tom Mihail, Ph.D., Co-Chair, School of Education Diversity Committee, Purdue University Calumet (Hammond, IN)

“I want to thank the two of you for traveling here to Albany and providing us with such a memorable evening on November 12. People are still coming up to me to say what an important and enjoyable event it was. It was by all accounts the best attended program related to transgenderism to ever take place in this area.”
– Pat Whalen, State Museum of New York in Albany

“Helen was a captivating, intelligent and sometimes passionate speaker who delivered a powerful message to the audience, which consisted of trans people, their friends, partners, families and members of the interested public. She eloquently articulated a very poignant rationale for unity and hope for those who are part of the “gender community”, their allies, and supporters. It is clear from listening to her words that Helen Boyd has become a vibrant leader within the transgender community. Her message resonates with all people on the transgendered spectrum, those in their lives, and those who wish to support them.”
– Rhea Daniels, Rhea’s Cafe

“Helen Boyd’s support for and her breadth of knowledge of the entire array of issues that affect the transgender community are passionately on display when she speaks in public. Helen is that rare scholar that seeks out and challenges her audience with the facts as she has unearthed them rather than stultifying her listeners with a preconceived agenda. As a physician who must mix science with compassion for people, I find a kindred spirit when I hear Helen Boyd speak.”
– Deborah Bershel, M.D.

“In February 2004, Helen Boyd organized and moderated a fabulous, insightful, and provocative panel of heterosexual-identified crossdressers as part of the speaker series Trans Issues Week at Yale. Two years ago, she engaged members of the Yale community in a talk about her experiences and her book “My Husband Betty” at the first annual Trans Issues Week at Yale. Her participation in and support for Trans Issues Week at Yale has been invaluable and tremendously appreciated.”
– Loren Krywanczyk, Trans Issues Week at Yale

“Not only was Helen concise, unbiased and informative in her book My Husband Betty, she is also an informed and compassionate wife and speaker with concerns for all the issues as relating to the transgendered, their spouses, and families, and also spoke to the societial pressures and impact of trans people . . . It was our pleasure to have her at our function.”
– Glitz coordinators Grace + Anita

“Helen Boyd has been our keynote speaker twice during the banquet at the ‘Eureka En Femme Getaway’ transgendered event. Her second appearance was due to an overwhelming response to her first appearance, and came about directly from requests by our guests. She shared her vast knowledge of the transgendered community and spoke in a down to earth but articulate manner that all understood. Helen has a very special way of sharing her knowledge that absolutely kept our guests mesmerized for each of her entire keynote speeches. It is our hope to have her once again attend one of our En Femme Getaway events.”
– Sis and Dixie of the Eureka En Femme Getaway

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